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New improved demo video!

November 6, 2009

A friend of mine, Douglas Black Heaton has very kindly given us a backing track for the demo video. Doug recently composed the score for the recent Nokia Booklet launch, so we’re in very good company!

The new demo is here – enjoy!

Adding an Eclipse project to Mike

November 5, 2009

Quick video demonstrating how easy it is to add a project to Mike. This demo takes you through the build job wizard and then runs the build. The project is a Spring based Java web application. Mike generates a build from the Eclipse meta-data. We have an Eclipse plug-in which can generate a Mike compatible project and we’ll be blogging about that very soon.

The build wizard steps are real-time, the only bit I’ve edited is the build duration (which took 56 seconds)!

Mike now also has a YouTube channel where we will post demos and how to guides.