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What’s it Like Using Hosted Continuous Integration

August 19, 2010

We’re always keen on finding out what people think about using MikeCI.

With hosted continuous integration being a fairly new concept we are embarking into new territory and want to ensure that we are heading in the right direction. As a result we’ve been keen on hearing our client feedback to see how they’ve found their MikeCI experience.

Lead Developer, Alex Bertram kindly took some time out of his busy schedule in The Hague, Netherlands to talk about how MikeCI was being used in his Sigmah (previously ActivityInfo) project.

What are you working on?

Project Sigmah is an information management platform designed for humanitarian organisations and was originally developed for UNICEF but has since expanded. The platform allows users to create their own databases online and track, map and analyse performance indicators over time.

Why did you choose MikeCI?

“There aren’t too many choices out there and MikeCI offered the strongest support for our technology stack. Our stack consisted of Subversion SCM, Java and Maven, which MikeCI supported. The great Maven integration provided a simple straight forward environment in which to build our project.”

How has your experience been with MikeCI?

“It’s become pretty key over the last month. Another organization won a grant to expand ActivityInfo (now Sigmah) and hired a team in Paris to add the components they wanted. As we continue development here in the Netherlands for the original client, MikeCI has become the referee that keeps the two teams from stepping on each others toes.

With geographically dispersed teams, we needed a CI server that could be accessed from any location and allowed multiple teams to submit code.

I’ve set up my email account to forward all reports from MikeCI to our development mailing list, so everyone is getting a pretty constant stream of activity with updates and code reviews from SVN, build reports, etc. It’s nice.

We are really embracing cloud computing solutions by using and developing SAAS software. Our team uses Google Apps, ProjectLocker for SVN, Amazon EC2 and Google App engine and of course MikeCI.”

How could MikeCI be improved?

“For me the next great thing would be making the results of the build available. It would be awesome to be able to link to the most recent javadocs or code coverage reports, or just a big widget for the forge site.

Also having some sort of API would be terrific as this would help us automate releases and deployment to the server, which we’re trying to do every 2-3 weeks.”

MikeCI – Developing an API has always been on our agenda and is certainly something we would look to include on our roadmap. Similarly making builds available publicly is something we would like to include somewhere down the line.

A big thanks to Alex for his input and we wish him all the success and many happy builds to come.

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